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B11   Dual-Network Alarm System
Double the Protection
With a built-in LCD and touch keypad, the B11 packs serious security functionality into a sleek panel with an elegant piano finish. Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit into the B11 and plug in any PSTN fixed landline, and you double the security for your home and loved ones with system redundancy.
Chic & Cool
Easy Operation in Plain Sight
Easy to the Touch & on the Eye
Elegant Piano Finish
Anywhere Anytime
Insert a SIM card, and you can remotely operate the alarm system with SMS text messages or smartphone app commands.
Plug in any PSTN fixed landline, and you can dial in to the alarm system and follow the voice prompts for easy operation.
Power Beyond Imagination
The B11 stores up to 6 dial-in phone numbers, 6 call-out numbers, 2 CID central station numbers and 150 latest incidents. You can also record a 10-second warning message on your own.
Silent Guard
You can enter a customizable duress code to disarm the B11,
while it still gets the help that you need in an emergency.
On A Schedule
You can preset an arm and disarm schedule for your weekday routine.
You Name It
Feel free to name all the detection zones and RFID tags to your liking.
Space Saver
The B11 can also be used as a phone to place regular calls.

System Items

CG-B11 Control Panel x 1
DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window Contact x 1
PIR-910 Wireless Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector x 1
RC-80 Wireless Remote Control x2
TAG-26 RFID Tag x2


Power Supply Input: AC 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
 Output: DC 12V 500mA, 6Wh
Standby Current < 90mA
Alarm Current < 300mA
Backup Battery BL-5B 3.7V 800mAh Rechargeable lithium battery x 2 pcs
Internal Siren Volume 95dB
Radio Frequency 315MHz or 433.92MHz
Maximum Stored Phone No. 6 Alarm Phone No. and 2 CMS No.
Maximum Remote Controls 10 pcs
Maximum Sensors 50 pcs
Maximum RFID Tags 50 pcs
Maximum Event Logs 150 events
Housing Material ABS plastic
Operation Condition Temperature: 0°C~ +55°C
 Relative Humidity: 80% (non-condensing)
Dimension (L x W x H) 185x130x27mm

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